Silicon sticks or brush

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Reliable material. The stir stick and brushes are made of silicone material, with a good anti-skid & non-stick surface, resistant to high temperature, easy to peel off resin, safe and non-toxic. Keep you from constantly purchasing these tools.

Silicone epoxy brushes: shovel shape and a flexible silicone texture, great tumbler craft tool for applying layers of resin across the cup, evenly and smoothly, not easy to bend the handle. Can also be used for spreading resin.

Sticks: smooth finish with round ends, the shape of silicone sticks same as wooden sticks, it has a smooth finish and is round ended so you can stir and mix epoxy resin, liquid, glue and without any spill or mess.

Easy to clean: you can wipe the silicone tools with paper and then simply flip off dried resin, able to use repeatedly.

Mixing stick options:

  • Wide blue: 145mm x15mm x 2.5mm.
  • Narrow: 120mm x 12mm x 4.5mm.
  • Narrow: 118mm x 6mm x 4.5mm.