How will my order be shipped?

All orders paid by 10H00 weekdays, and weekends until Monday at 10H00, will be packed and shipped the next day for delivery by FastWay. Prior to 10H00 weekdays is same day shipping. Shipping fee will be calculated at checkout. Please do not specify a PostNet address unless you are sure your local PostNet will accept deliveries from FastWay.

What packaging sizes are available?

All products state the packing size where applicable. Should you require larger volumes please contact us for more details.


This option was in place to allow customers who place multiple order the same day to remove courier fees as we ship them together. This option is not active now. If you intend to place multiple orders kindly let us know in order to send you a discount code to remove fees where an order can be shipped in one go. Please do not use this option if you can not collect.

Mold sizes

We specify most mold sizes. Please check these. The dimensions are as stated by our suppliers.

Special events such as Easter, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, per-seasonal peaks and such

Your shipments might be sent a a few days later. Our staff needs to deal  with escalated orders, we might run late, please expect this. We run these orders through in a 1 st come 1st served basis. We please request you patience with us. Customers add additional orders in the the same time and we do offer a courier fee cancel for those when needed to group. Please accept the fact that where will be a delay.