Kamenskaya chameleon

The shimmering series of chameleons is specially created to give your works fantastic overflows with changing shades when exposed to rays of light. Each shade is unique in its glow. They look perfect on dark surfaces. Combines well with all ink lines. Suitable for work in resin.

The unique technology of art inks that are based on an eco-solvent.

The inks do not contain any substances that can harm your health. Light fastness of the dyes and pigments in the inks is 7-10 at the scale of 1-10 (where 1 is the minimum level
and 10 is the maximum). The inks are professional artistic, concentrated, color endurable, multi-purpose, well-mixed, perfectly cover any synthetic smooth surface, dry out fast, require the dilution before the use. The inks perfectly work together both with isopropyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol. Working with alcohol, make sure it doesn't contain glycerin and that the alcohol percentage is not less than 96%. Drying time without any intervention is 2-5 minutes. After it dries out it is recommended to cover the image with aerosol acrylic varnish with several layers for image safekeeping. The inks best work with a blending solution (you don't only dilute the paint but also obtain middle fixation degree of the image surface; it saves the varnish, time, and provides comfortable work).

Storage conditions, expiration dates: can be stored up to 36 months before opening and 6 months after opening.

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