Liquid Crystal Coat6 resin

Liquid Crystal Coat6 resin

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LIQUID CRYSTAL™ is a crystal clear, UV stabilised, 2-part epoxy resin casting system that can be used in most coating and casting related resin applications.

This high-performance epoxy resin has excellent self-levelling properties and outstanding self-clearing properties. Once cured, LIQUID CRYSTAL™ castings exhibit negligible shrinkage which are scratch resistant (but not scratch proof) and are anti yellowing UV stabilised.

This product is ideal for depths not exceeding 6mm, such as jewellery, coasters and cutting boards.

Please note this product is used in a 100:33 ratio. A small scale is recommended.

We can also supply this product in 19.95kg units. Kindly e-mail us at with your address details to request stock. Retail is at R 5,066.00.

Maximum thickness: 6 mm, pot life 40 minutes, curing 24 hours.

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