Solid wood cutting/charcuterie blank boards

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Our range of solid wood boards:

  • Kiaat all brown. ~450mm length X 300mm width.
  • Kiaat all brown. ~350mm length X 290mm width.

These boards are solid wood. Rectangular in size. 25mm thickness. Light sanded with a minimal round corner. No coating/treatment added. Plain wood. Ideal for resin projects.

We will add our surplus stock from our rare woods production line shortly. Be sure to check back often. The wood types we will add includes African Walnut, Ofram, Bubinga and Afrormorsia. It is costly rare wood and high in demand. Options will show size when added. All our wood is planed both sides.

The boards cannot be returned. It is sold on the assumption that you understand wood and resin. At present we do not offer shape cutting requests.

We can also engrave the wood if required by laser. This can be left as is or filled/coated with resin by you. Drop us a WA or mail for any requests.

The boards are ideal for creating unique decorative resin boards. Reminder: resin is not food safe, and we do not advice food contact with the resin. Do not cut on resin as it is not scratch resistant, and you might end up with resin in food. Only partially cover the board with resin, this will allow you to still use it as a functional item. Hand was only, do not use a dishwasher.