Mont Marte premium pouring acrylic range

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Make your fluid artworks really shine with our Mont Marte pouring acrylic paint. The compact bottle is packed with pigment that will add an extra sparkle to your artwork.

No need to add medium to this paint as its pre-mixed and ready to pour! You’ll find this pouring paint has great coverage and smooth flow so you can create one-of-a-kind fluid effects.


  • Pre-mixed and ready to pour, no need for additional mediums.
  • Available in a range of colours.
  • Smooth flow so you can create amazing results.
  • Suitable for pouring and flow painting techniques.
  • Non toxic and water-based for easy clean up.
  • Instructions: Simply choose your colours and pour them onto a canvas or board to create your masterpiece!

Handy hints:

  • Paint separation may occur due to pre-mixing. Always SHAKE WELL before use.
  • Add extra silicone oil to create stunning cells (ideally use heat from a blow torch for best results).
  • Mix additional pouring medium with your paints to increase flow.


  • Dirty pour.
  • Flip cup.
  • String pull.
  • Dutch pour.
  • Puddle pour.
  • Tree ring pour.
  • Swipe pour.

Select your required colour (size shown in drop down):

  • Bright yellow.
  • Lamp black.
  • Phthalo turquoise.
  • Rose gold.
  • Silver.
  • Ultramarine blue.