Liquid Crystal Cast30 resin

Liquid Crystal Cast30 resin

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LIQUID CRYSTAL™ is a crystal clear, UV stabilised, 2-part epoxy resin casting system that can be used in most coating and casting related resin applications.

This high-performance epoxy resin has excellent self-levelling properties and outstanding self-clearing properties. Once cured, LIQUID CRYSTAL™ castings exhibit negligible shrinkage which are scratch resistant (but not scratch proof) and are anti yellowing UV stabilised.

This product is ideal for depths of up to 30mm for a single cast.  Further options will be added to this range.

Please note this product is used in a 100:33 ratio. A small scale is recommended.

We can also supply this product in 19.95kg units. Kindly e-mail us at with your address details to request stock. Retail is at R 5,066.00.

Maximum thickness: 30 mm, pot life 40 minutes, curing 24 hours.

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