Eye Candy pastes 5g

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  • MULTIPURPOSE PIGMENT PASTES – Satori White is PERFECT for those beach themed projects and excellent for creating those cells or lacing needed to put your art over the top. Our other colours have the same effect.
  • ULTRA-FINE PURITY – Eye Candy pigment pastes are top quality and HIGHLY pigmented so a little goes a VERY long way! Our pigment paste can be used for any epoxy resin project. Also great for those wanting to achieve a certain level of transparency (opaque/translucent). Add very little and slowly build to until your desired opacity.
  • ULTIMATE CRAFTING VERSALITY Each colour comes in 5g. 
  • CREATE YOUR OWN CUSTOM BLENDS – Our pigment pastes can be used with our Eye Candy Pigment products to further enhance endless possibilities of colours. 

Mix and stir a little before using.


  • Kakyu Red.
  • Kokuyo Black.
  • Satori White.
  • Suiko Blue.
  • Uji Green.

New releases:

  • Beige.
  • Buru Blue (neon).
  • Dragon Fruit Pink (neon).
  • Ebiiro Purple (neon).
  • Hiiro Red (neon).
  • Kiiro Yellow (neon).
  • Mandarin Orange (neon).
  • Raimu Green (neon).
  • Sand Yellow.

All units 5g.