Eye Candy pastes

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  • MULTIPURPOSE PIGMENT PASTES – Satori White is PERFECT for those beach themed projects and excellent for creating those cells or lacing needed to put you art over the top. Our other 4 colors have the same effect.
  • ULTRA-FINE PURITY – Eye Candy Pigment Pastes are top quality and HIGHLY pigmented so a little goes a VERY long way! Our pigment paste can be used for any epoxy resin project. Our pigment pastes are also great for those wanting to achieve a certain level of transparency (opaque/translucent). Add very little and slowly build to your until desired opacity.
  • ULTIMATE CRAFTING VERSALITY Each color comes in 15g. Features colors such as Satori white, Kakyu red, Kokuyo black, Satori white, Suiko blue & Uji green.
  • CREATE YOUR OWN CUSTOM BLENDS – Our pigment pastes can be used with our Eye Candy Pigment products to further enhance endless possibilities of colors. 

Mix or stir a little before using.


  • Kakyu red
  • Kokuyo black
  • Satori white
  • Suiko blue
  • Uji green

All units 15g.