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What makes Dichrolam Burls so visually arresting?

- The dichroic film "optical core" is the most color saturated synthetic material in the world due to the "structural color" of its multilayer makeup, which filters light wave phases - no dyes or pigments.

- Literal, actual, 3D topography under the flat resin surface which provides visually interesting depth and lensing.

- Patterning of topography has organic cellular burls and random veining that gives wood burls and natural stone their alluring pattern. This hand patterning has been developed over many years to bring out specific color and consistency without defects
like foldovers, holes and "dead lakes".

- Color proximity. This makes Dichrolam unique compared to dichroic textured glass and Opal. High color contrast can occur within very close proximity for intense visual effect in small sizes. Bright orange/red veins against deep blue within Black Sea;
deep blue/violet veins against red within Red Burl, etc. Fire Burl and Titanimum Burl is insane with this effect.

Dichrolam prelam is engineered for thin inlay use with tight radius bending capability primarily for ring and pen makers, but is great for general inlay use. The textured dichroic core has low height topography for thickness of about .025" and is treated for adhesion of customer applied resins. The dichroic core with surface primer is easily damaged by solvents so do not clean with harsh solvents and do not use resins with harsh diluents like polyester resin and acrylic casting resin. The back of the dichroic core is a flexible elastomer resin with a high adhesion PSA film applied for easy bonding to substrates.

Prelam stock is easily cut with razor to fit into cavity, and is supplied with a masking film on top to keep it clean while handling and must be peeled off prior to resin fill. Peel mask is removed easiest by getting razor tip in the valley of topography between masking and dichroic film, then pulling in jerking motions.

Sold per strip size of 12.7mm X 101.6mm. Please contact us at info@liquidfantasy.co.za if you require other sizes.