Colour pigment paste for resin

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  • VIBRANT COLORS: 10 colours available, these epoxy resin pigment pastes are the basic colours you need and they blend well together to create new colours. The colours are more long-lasting than liquid resin colouring.
  • HIGH CONCENTRATED EPOXY RESIN PIGMENT: They're pasty pigment, high concentration. A little goes a long way! Make sure to dip a little at a time to see what colour you want to achieve.
  • PERFECT FOR EPOXY RESIN COLOURING: They are strong concentrated epoxy resin-based pigment, mix with epoxy resin extremely well, only a small amount required to reach the desired tint. NOTE: NOT SUITABLE FOR UV RESIN.
  • SEALED PACKAGE: These resin pigments are very carefully packed in the bottles, which come with screw lids to prevent leakage. Each bottles contains 10g. (Note: they are packed by weight not volume; some of the colours may not be filled to the top due to the pigment weight varies from colour to colour.
  • This is a paste and not a liquid