Black Friday

One day only...

We unfortunately cannot add a scheduled discount for the over R 2,000.00 orders at 25% as well. The system does not allow two on the same day. Apologies but this is our 1st try on this. If your order exceeds R 2,000.00 we will send you a personal discount code to use with an additional order.

This additional order can be placed using 'local pickup' and will remove extra courier fees. We will ship together. Ensure that at least one order includes courier fees please. Don't stress, we will work this difference out and you will get it.

The 20%/25% kicks in an at 27/11/2020 at 00H00 until 23H59. Any issues drop us an e-mail to resolve, or leave a comment here. All commitments will be honored. 

OK: We added a twist. For some fun. 'Spot deals': no products will show here yet. We are going to add these items at 08H00, 12H00 and 16H00, maybe some more later. Use the same principle as above with multiple orders for courier fees. Pretend you are in a physical store and tussle over some deals. Fun. The bargain bin will be great. Keep in mind the price you see there is still subject to 20%. System issue. We cannot exclude certain items. Take the price and cut 20% in your head...

NB: Items in your cart does NOT reserve you order. You need to check out. 1st come 1st served. Don't complain after the fact please. In the event that our stock levels are out and we cannot ship immediately we will call and discuss with you to resolve. We reserve the right to replace with similar. It should not happen but just a heads up. Out of stock, is out of stock.

Also take note that due to high order expectations we might need a day or two more to send out. Kindly note this.

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